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Develop YOUR Leaflet Distribution Strategy

No two campaigns are alike ... So therefore every marketing strategy may need a different approach to maximise the leaflet campaign's success.

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LEAFLETS Marketing Campaigns ... and what you may need to know!

Of course the extent of this will be determined by the budget out there. But optimising the leaflet is essential. Each company wants to bear in mind that a leaflet needs to draw in attention and keep that attention. Giving a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE pizza for instance, may not be abundantly used on a Monday, but on a Friday or Saturday, everyone in the neighbourhood would be interested. Thus the leaflet needs to practically speak in a SHOUT instead of a light roar; and perhaps half the leaflet dedicated to illustration by diagram rather than text, so the impact is immediate and then the leaflet has worth and value. Too much text will bore the reader.

A similar parallel will be in the Conservatory business. The leaflet is selling products at around £15,000 so the leaflet needs to excel in quality and professionalism. Images and photos in this situation speak a thousand words - thus a leaflet with no photos could fail in its impact and marketing efforts.

Saying HELLO and THIS IS WHAT WE TEND TO DO is usually not enough. Saying the same with photo illustrations, underpinned with this text - HOWEVER THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE A TENDENCY TO HAVE ON OFFER THIS MONTH - will have a higher impact.

Selling and Marketing ... as you may well know is an advanced subject ... but keeping the process simple would be - half a page to two thirds that would discuss THE PRODUCT and SUPPLY together with images, the remaining half or one-third = the finer detail.

Produce a catchy heading, an offer, plus the finer details if needed, ASK for ACTION, give them the address or phone number...

Experiment with different headlines, special offers, deadlines, and even distribution ways. Through tracking the effectiveness of numerous leaflet distribution varieties can create a loss-creating type of marketing and aid to develop the best marketing campaigns for YOUR product.

The effectiveness of each type of leaflet will be tracked through using different phone numbers, or different promotional codes.

leaflet printing uk

What Leaflet should you choose?
Your leaflet sort is invariably determined by the cost of your product. The more expensive the product the likelihood of a more elaborate and finer quality to the leaflet.

The size of the leaflet will matter to certain campaigns, however A5 and A6 are the most standard, followed by A4.

A replacement owner to a traditional Fish & Chip Shop might only really would like a BLACK on WHITE leaflet, but a £15000 Conservatory ideally needs a full colour shiny leaflet.
Here is how we achieve the recognition to be the most effect Leaflet Distribution company in the UK

We have extended our service to satisfy the requirements of most small and large businesses and have now the facility to style and print the leaflets too (with a 48 hour turn around!). Each and each quotation varies slightly as no two campaigns are exactly the same, so whilst we have given guide prices, a separate quote would always be more precise. We can quote to deliver your own printed leaflets are start from scratch and design and print the leaflets in-house. Either manner we aim to remain the most price effective Leaflet Distributor within the UK.

Our company are experienced marketers and realise how vital it's to achieve sensible results from any campaign ... We favour this analogy to selling with leaflets, "It's like riding a bicycle, the instant you stop pedalling is when everything comes to a halt..." Leaflet Distribution will be like this, however not solely as many just want to announce some news. Perhaps you're starting a new restaurant, cafe, wine bar, maybe you're new business owners and want to publicise a brand new philosophy of action. Perhaps you have a nationwide service that you wish to announce in certain neighbourhoods, all postcodes or perhaps even different age groups.

With over 10 years expertise we tend to need to be budget aware, extraordinarily reliable, build our distribution methods effective and most significantly all of our delivery crews are experienced adults, dependable and closely supervised.

We have a tendency to are also be able to supply a back-checking facility which will provide satisfaction that campaigns are completed to your expectations.

It's our policy and private philosophy to still attempt for excellence in Leaflet Distribution and aim to attain complete happiness for each client so as to secure repeat business. It's paramount we have a high level of professionalism in distributing your advertising material in an exceedingly timely, effective and regulated manner to maximise your campaigns potential. If and when it is needed we have the ability to work to deadlines.

leaflet printing uk

Choosing the Content and Design

In general all leaflets should follow the AIDA formula –ATTRACT readers’ attention, generate INTEREST in your product or service, create readers’ DESIRE for what you are offering, then finally ask for ACTION.

Create a catchy heading, be precise with the rest of the content, include a couple of interesting photos or graphics, and finally ask for action. Tell the recipient what you want them to do or they simply won’t do it.

Different Types of Distribution

Through letterboxes – Solus distribution (delivered on its own), Shared distribution (delivered with other leaflets).

With SOLUS the leaflet is the only thing through the letterbox. SHARED is a cheaper option, but is delivered with other leaflets.

Leaflet Distribution Strategies

Follow what history has taught us about Leaflet Distribution

1. Attract the readers attention

2. Adopt a less is more approach ... Too much text dilutes the effectiveness

3. Think of your brand message - and keep the content succinct.

4. Add colours to be effective, but don't over do it

5. Ideally use one or two images ... unless the product you are selling depends on images.

6. Gloss leaflets use to be for quality products, but printing costs have reduced and they can now be met for most campaigns

7. Be consistent, yet being aware of the importance of your company branding and to promote to consumers anywhere or everywhere.

8. Keep the text short and to the point, writing from the perspective of your customer – address them directly with words like ‘you’ and ‘your’ rather than ‘we’ or ‘I’.

Our Marketing Team work closely with our Distribution Team to maximise the whole campaign from Leaflet Design and Print to Door to Door delivery to improve your companies intention to shape and manage consumer perceptions.

Here at Leafletsareus.co.uk it's our main concern is to excel in improving your Marketing potential by providing customised brand selling campaigns for product, services and events. Leaflet campaigns need to gain maximum exposure... and therefore the results businesses need in expanding their brands and reinforcing their whole message to specific demographics effectively.

To be effective in Leaflet Distribution we engage and ignite a social influence that begins in local markets, reverberates regionally, then spreads nationwide. Effective campaigns will result in magnificent responses so much and beyond original expectation.

With Leaflet Distribution you'll finally beat the ever rising cost of postage! We only recruit adult employees to distribute your sales material or product samples. Leaflet Distribution is a low-cost, highly effective selling tool with an glorious return on your investment.


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Any questions, please email: info@leafletsareus.co.uk

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